Robin Ward

Robin Ward's show business career has spanned more than four decades, including guest appearances on countless television programs and work as a voice-over narrator. He got his start as Prince Arthur Charming in the 1969 made-for-TV special "Hey Cinderella," a re-telling of the classic Cinderella fairy tale directed by Jim Henson and featuring Kermit the Frog. Film roles followed, and from 1973 to 1974 Ward co-starred on "The Starlost," a Canadian-produced science-fiction television series. He co-starred as Garth, who along with two other main characters discovers that the world is actually an enclosed biosphere contained inside a spaceship. Beginning in the 1980s, Ward worked as an entertainment beat reporter and weatherman for a news station in Toronto; however, he continued to act during this period, guest-starring on the likes of the crime drama "Night Heat" and providing narration for the late-'80s incarnation of the sci-fi series "The Twilight Zone." He also played the character Paul Valere in the soap opera "Guiding Light" from '86 to '87. While his acting career slowed during the 1990s, by the close of the decade and into the 2000s, Ward was starting to get hired for more voice-related parts. He was a television announcer in the biopic "The Hurricane," and also loaned his voice to the '05 horror flicks "Land of the Dead" and "Saw II." In 2010, he began narrating the series "Greatest Tank Battles" for The History Channel.