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Teenagers who live with “dreams” in their hearts. When their dreams become so big and powerful that they cannot suppress them anymore, the “bugs” (supernatural beings that look like bugs) appear out of nowhere and eat their dreams. The bugs deprive teenagers of their dreams, but give them unwanted superhuman power. The bugs are parasites to humans and their hosts are called the “Mushi-Tsuki.” Though the Mushi-Tsuki’s existence is officially denied, everybody knows the term and the Mushi-Tsuki are discriminated against and feared by the public. The near future, a futuristic Japan. It is now ten years after the “bugs” first appeared. “Special Environment Preservation Office” or “SEP” is an entity attached to a governmental organization. The government’s official announcement declares its mission is to find and catch the Mushi-Tsuki, and render them “non-existent.” “Cuckoo” is SEP’s best agent, and the strongest Mushi-Tsuki. He is possessed by a green “cuckoo bug.” He can draw the bug’s power into himself and his guns, increasing both his physical abilities and those of his weapons. One day, Cuckoo is assigned to catch a girl, Shiika Anmoto. She ran away from a secret facility where the Mushi-Tsuki are locked away. Daisuke Kusuriya, who looks completely ordinary, is a freshman at Oka Higashi High School. He meets Shiika Anmoto on his way to school and they are strongly attracted to one another. Meanwhile, Cuckoo tries to corner Shiika Anmoto, but members of the “Mushi-Banê ” appear. Mushi-Banê is the resistance organization against SEP, led by Ladybird. The sacred night’s battle, which are bursting with the poignant and passionate emotions of the dreamers.has just began.