The first man inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, one of the greatest hitters ever ... a sports hero, a misanthrope, a drunk and a racist ... Ty Cobb. Academy Award winner Tommy Lee Jones delivers a searing performance as the most controversial athlete of the 20th century. Robert Wuhl stars as biographer Al Stump who must wrestle with a dilemma as he gets to know the dying baseball player: Should Stump tell the story of the great athlete that his fans want to read, or should he show the mean, spiteful man who was born with an unequaled--and unearned--talent to hit a baseball. Based on the book Cobb: A Biography and the article Ty Cobb's Wild Ten Month Fight to Live by Al Stump.
Starring Tommy Lee Jones, Robert Wuhl, Lolita Davidovich
Director Ron Shelton