Generation A: Portraits of Autism and the Arts
GENERATION A: Portraits of Autism & the Arts is a documentary about youths on the autism spectrum; and how creative therapies and arts programs, which stimulate different parts of the brain, help these young people reach their highest potential.Autism can be viewed not only as a disability but also as a gift. Through these gifts, individuals are able to make pathways into their communities. Our goal is to help families with children on the spectrum and the public-in-general envision a better quality of life for individuals with autism. The film shines a spotlight on innovative behavioral and creative art therapies which are enabling young people on the spectrum to be the best that they can be, and for families and educators to embrace full inclusion; a sharp contrast to the historical practices of segregation and institutionalization. (Temple Grandin ~ HBO Award winning biopic Temple Grandin), Ed Asner, Stephen Shore, Elaine Hall (HBO Autism the Musical), Joanne Lara (Autism Movement Therapy~ aut-erobics)
Starring Dr. Temple Grandin, Ed Asner, Stephen Shore
Director Barry Shils