Katie Crown

Katie Crown

Canadian comedian and actress Katie Crown proved a versatile voice actor in a wide array of animated projects, from series like "Adventure Time" (Cartoon Network, 2014-) to features like the popular "Storks" (2016). Born in the Ontario, Canada suburb of Oakville, Crown began experiment with comedy and vocal performances in grade school, when she recorded homemade radio shows and sketches. She eventually began performing stand-up and sketch comedy in Canada, while also providing voices for animated programs like "Total Drama" (Teletoon/Cartoon Network, 2008-) and "Jimmy Two-Shoes" (Disney XD, 2009-2011). These assignments led to voice-over work in American animated projects like the critically acclaimed "Adventure Time" and "Clarence" (Cartoon Network, 2014-). She also wrote stories and scripts for the latter series, as well as other animated projects like "Sanjay and Craig" (Nickelodeon, 2016-). That same year, she earned her most prominent showcase to date as Tulip, an overeager teenaged girl who must aid a reluctant stork (voiced by Andy Samberg) deliver a baby to its parents in Warner Bros. Animation's blockbuster hit "Storks."