Death Do Us Part
'Death Do Us Part' is 'War of the Roses' meets 'Shaun of the Dead'. Karen (Zoë Tapper: 'Survivors', 'Mr. Selfridge') and John (Ed Speleers: 'Downton Abbey', 'Outlander') have lost the spark of married life the day they were notified that they were unable to conceive. Now they almost live like the walking dead, imprisoned by everyday life and on the verge of divorce. When the world is hit by a worldwide pandemic that turns people into blood-thirsty zombies, the couple have to lock themselves in their apartment, waiting for rescue. 'Death Do Us Part' is a zombie thriller / jet-black comedy about life, love and zombies, following two people who are forced to reconnect as the world around them comes crashing down.
Starring Zoe Tapper, Ed Speleers, Antonia Campbell-Hughes
Director Antonio Steve Tublén