The Crying Game
Play At Your Own Risk. In this romantic thriller, an unlikely friendship develops between Fergus (Stephen Rea), an Irish Republican Army volunteer, and Jody (Forest Whitaker), a kidnapped British soldier lured into an IRA trap by Jude (Miranda Richardson), another IRA member. The kidnapping ends up going horribly wrong, and Jody is killed. Fergus escapes and heads to London, where he seeks out Jody's lover, a hairdresser named Dil (Jaye Davidson). Fergus adopts the name "Jimmy" and gets a job as a day laborer. He also starts seeing Dil, who knows nothing about Fergus' IRA background. But there are some things about Dil that Fergus doesn't know, either . . . When the jealous Jude, disguised in a wig, shows up to drag Fergus back into another sinister plot, he rebels against the terrorist group. Now, for all the characters, hiding behind race, gender or politics is no longer possible in the final round of The Crying Game.
Starring Stephen Rea, Miranda Richardson, Forest Whitaker
Director Neil Jordan