Dolly Wells

Dolly Wells

Dolly Wells was born into entertainment. Her father, John Wells, was an English actor and writer, a mainstay of British comedy both on screen and on the page. Dolly went to the University of Manchester and shortly thereafter embarked on a career as an actor. Her first onscreen appearance was a guest appearance on the British police procedural "The Bill" (ITV, 1984-2010). After getting a foot in the door, Wells strung together a number of guest roles, most notably on "Midsomer Murders" (ITV, 1997-), "Dinner Ladies" (BBC1, 1998-2000), and "Goodnight Sweetheart" (BBC1, 1993-1999). She also made appearances in a number of feature films, including "Bridget Jones's Diary" (2000), and "Morvern Callar" (2002). In 2006, she made her first appearance on "Star Stories" (Channel 4, 2006-2008), a British comedy that spoofs the lives of actual stars. Over the course of the series, Wells played nearly a dozen characters including Nicole Kidman and Madonna. Her first series regular role was on "Campus" (Channel 4, 2009-2011), but the show was cancelled after one season. Her next series was "Spy" (Sky 1, 2011-13) a British comedy revolving around an underachiever recruited by MI5. Wells played the ex-wife of the titular spy. In 2014, the show "Doll & Em" (Sky Living/HBO, 2014-) premiered. Created by Wells and her longtime friend Emily Mortimer, the show follows two best friends, one (Mortimer), a successful actress, and the other (Wells), her assistant.