Misha Handley

Pint-sized Misha Handley was cast alongside his godfather, "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe, in James Watkins' 2012 horror throwback, "The Woman in Black." Handley plays Joseph Kipps in the film, the son of Radcliffe's character, Arthur Kipps. But don't call it nepotism: Handley was hired to lend the film's central father-son dynamic an air of authenticity. "'It's very hard to fake the relationship that me and Misha have," says Radcliffe. "There had to be a sense that we were close." Misha is the real-life son of production manager Paul Sampson Handley and award-winning theater director Thea Sharrock, who in 2001 became the youngest artistic director in the history of British theater. In 2008, she cast Daniel Radcliffe in her Broadway revival of "Equus," an introspective drama about the relationship between a psychiatrist and a disturbed young patient.