The Short Films of Matthew Modine
ShortsHD presents THE SHORT FILMS OF MATTHEW MODINE, a collection of short movies directed by the award-winning actor of Vision Quest, Full Metal Jacket, and The Dark Knight Rises. This retrospective follows Modine's career as a short filmmaker over the last two decades beginning with his first short, WHEN I WAS A BOY, that he co-directed with Todd Field. Also included in this collection are SMOKING (written by David Sedaris), ECCE PIRATE (filmed during the making of Cutthroat Island), TO KILL AN AMERICAN, I THINK I THOUGHT, and the award-winning JESUS WAS A COMMIE, co-directed by Terence Ziegler. Each short includes an all-new video introduction by Modine.
Reparto David Bailie, Ewa Da Cruz, Merilys Ernst
Dirección Matthew Modine