Antwon Temoney: C.E.O.
This show is about a ruthless crime and drug lord by the name of Alexander Cain (Antwon Temoney) and his vicious crew, who supplies most of the heroin and crack cocaine in the Washington, DC area. Cain battles to maintain his power and avoid imprisonment. While "Law Enforcements" are working hard to bring him and his criminal organization down, Cain is introduced to a new money making drug by Albanian Mafia Queen "Suela" The drug is called "PCP" Cain sees potential in the drug and sets out to establish himself as chief kingpin of the entire DC area and surroundings. Violence begins to escalate, when Cain and his lieutenants forces other rival drug dealers to either join his team, go out of business or be killed... While the drug epidemic continues, each season of "CEO The Series" will show a different side of the city. Such as: corruption, government, the police system, the school system, politicians, public housing, teen pregnancy, the prison system, racism and how drugs are brought into the city. This show is not to depict anyone or promote crime nor violence, but to educate people about some of the many things that goes on in a criminal organization and what the consequences can be if you decide to be a part of one.
Starring Antwon Antwon, Darnell McClendon, Emanuell Gallmon
Director Antwon Temoney