Area 51: The CIA's Secret
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"Area 51: The CIA's Secret" covers the true story of ground-breaking research into aviation that took place at the Groom Lake Testing Facility, otherwise known as Area 51, which ensured U.S. aerial supremacy from the Cold War through to the present day. Utilizing CIA documents that have recently been declassified this program identifies specific individuals who worked at the top secret base in a variety of roles – the construction workers, pilots and security guards. Their personal testimonies provide a unique impression not just of the work that was carried out, but of the site itself. We reveal just how tight security had to be to keep the development of the U2, A12, HAVE BLUE and F117 Nighthawk aviation programs under wraps. This is a film that concentrates on delivering history and factual accuracy in a fresh and engaging style – one that answers the question of what really happened at Area 51.