Once upon a time (in 1989), Tracy Edwards, a 23-year-old ship’s cook, had a dream – to pilot the first all-women’s crew in the world’s toughest yacht race. Over nine months, she and her team documented their lives at sea in their singular battle for equality. Thirty years on, with exclusive access to this remarkable on-board footage, New Black Films tell the incredible, epic story of the Maiden voyage. In a chauvinistic world, her idea was met with almost universal hostility: the crew were told they wouldn’t have the physical strength or the mental toughness; sponsors repeatedly turned her down on the basis it might kill their brand if they ended up with “female blood on their hands”. Cut together with an epic ’80’s soundtrack, this feature documentary will explore how, against all odds, the crew of the Maiden managed to not only stay in the race but beat the boys at their own game – winning the two toughest stages and coming second overall.
Starring Tracy Edwards, Nancy Harris, John Chittenden
Director Alex Holmes