Period of Adjustment
Academy Award winner Jane Fonda stars with Jim Hutton, Lois Nettleton and Tony Franciosa in this film of playwright Tennessee Williams' lighthearted Period of Adjustment. Isabel (Fonda) is a nurse in a military hospital. George (Hutton) is her patient. When he's cured, thanks to her good attentions, they get married. Now George suffers from performance anxiety ... Ralph (Franciosa) married Dorothea (Nettleton) for her money--and she knows it. After six years together, he's grown to love her--but she doesn't know it. Somehow George and Dorothea are hardly the couple to be giving advice to newlyweds George and Isabel on their honeymoon in this romantic comedy that takes a profound and tender look at four people struggling to trust someone enough to allow themselves to be vulnerable.
Starring Anthony Franciosa, Jane Fonda, Jim Hutton
Director George Roy Hill