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Meet Cam (Lautner) and Nikki (Avgeropoulis) and Miller (Rayner). All of them are broken and all are in need of being rescued. But who rescues whom; and who pulls whom from the darkest night and the deepest pit? So there can be redemption, and that holds true even for broken people. It’s certainly true for Cam! It’s certainly true for ‘Nikki’! And it was almost true for the complex, enigmatic and double-dealing, Miller! And for all of them, it comes in the most surprising way. These characters are complex and interesting for sure. And yes, Tracers is a really dark, character-driven crime drama that is most beautifully executed. Nevertheless, and out of all of the emotional rubble, one comes to love these two souls who come to love and trust one another.
Starring Taylor Lautner, Marie Avgeropoulos, Adam Rayner
Director Daniel Benmayor