Gino Conforti

A renowned stage actor who had the distinction of playing the title role in "Fiddler on the Roof" in its original Broadway run, Gino Conforti has also worked as a screen and voice actor since the late 1960s. One of his earliest TV parts was his recurring arc as Nino on the hit series "That Girl," which led to further sitcom work. The actor had small and sometimes recurring roles on the classic 1970s shows "The Partridge Family" and "Happy Days," keeping him on TV screens throughout the decade. Conforti's next major TV character was keyed-up chef Felipe Gomez on the hit series, "Three's Company." His six-episode arc kept him in the mind of TV producers, and further sitcom work followed throughout the 1980s. It was in 1986 that Conforti took his initial foray into voice-over acting, first during the brief run of the series "Galaxy High School," and later on the children's show "Duck Tales" and the 2001 Pixar smash "Monsters, Inc.." Into his sixties and seventies, Conforti consistently worked in television, specifically with a role on "Beverly Hills, 90210" and an arc as Brother Franco on the soap "General Hospital." He snagged a part as Cardinal Pugini in Ron Howard's 2009 adaptation of Dan Brown's "Angels & Demons."