Ti West

Ti West

One of the most prominent indie horror filmmakers of his generation, Ti West has garnered a cult following with his low-budget genre movies. The Delaware native first received substantial attention for his 2005 feature debut, "The Roost," a no-frills chiller about hapless friends stranded on a farm plagued by bats and the undead. Mostly starring unknown actors, the film featured a supporting turn by character actor Tom Noonan and a cameo from producer Larry Fessenden. Although West's second movie, the hunting-themed "Trigger Man," was largely met with indifference, he regained his momentum with two notable projects: "Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever" and "The House of the Devil." The former film turned out to be an over-the-top gore-fest that West tried to disown, due to conflicts during production. However, the latter movie, which again included Noonan in the cast, was elevated by its considerably creepy occult atmosphere and cemented West's reputation as a director to watch. Reuniting with Fessenden, an accomplished filmmaker in his own right, and his production company, Glass Eye Pix, West subsequently unveiled "The Innkeepers," a moody ghost tale starring Sara Paxton, Pat Healy, and acting vet Kelly McGillis. Not one to sit still for long, West also participated in the collaborative 2012 horror film "V/H/S," co-directed by peers such as Adam Wingard.