Rocketry: The Nambi Effect
The people, who should be recognized and celebrated, for their selfless contribution to society and the nation, are usually the people who shy away from the limelight, who would rather stay anonymous, least it gets in the way of their work. Because they strive, persevere, and accomplish more with less, without complaining, without wailing for attention, they become the focus of our ire. They become vulnerable to our worst instincts. How can such goodness, selflessness, honesty and patriotism exist without flaws? There must be a catch, something wrong somewhere.Rocketry – The Nambi Effect, is a retelling of Nambi Narayananʼs life story, as it unravels in an interview by the celebrated superstar Shah Rukh Khan, on a TV program. Like many great minds, Nambi is also deeply flawed. His genius and obsession, earning him enemies and detractors, thus making him a compelling modern-day protagonist.Beyond serving as a treatise for the vindication of quiet achievers in society, this film also challenges the audience to take up the responsibility of recognizing and celebrating these special contributors, whether it be a Nambi Narayanan or a teacher educating poor kids, soldiers at the border, doctors serving in remote villages, or volunteers helping the needy. It also raises a powerful question – Why arenʼt we standing up collectively to defend our innocent, powerless yet great minds against the hegemony of the powers that be? For every Nambi, there are a thousand more quiet achievers fighting for justice.Their stories need to be heard. It starts with Nambi... heʼs just the beginning.
Starring Simran, Nambi Narayanan, Rajit Kapoor
Director R. Madhavan