Leslie Zemeckis

Leslie Zemeckis

Best known for her appearances in her husband Robert's films, Leslie Zemeckis has been an actress and adult entertainer since the early '90s. Her first role came on the saucy CBS crime drama "Silk Stockings" in 1992, and she made her big screen debut in the occult mystery "Damien's Seed" four year later. Zemeckis appeared in the softcore cable program "Intimate Sessions" in 1998, and appeared in many erotic roles over the next several years. She married "Back to the Future" director Robert Zemeckis in 2001, and has since favored family-oriented films. She voiced two parts in her hubby's lush, animated Christmas flick "The Polar Express," and joined "Back to the Future" alum Christopher Lloyd in the offbeat drama "Enfants Terribles." She reteamed with her husband in 2007 for his blockbuster adaptation of the Old English epic poem "Beowulf," assuming the role of the tragic heroine Yrsa. In 2009, she played the wife of Colin Firth's Fred in the similarly spirited reimagining of Dickens' timeless holiday classic, "A Christmas Carol," again directed by her other half. Leslie stepped behind the camera in 2010 as director of the burlesque doc "Behind the Burly Q." The film featured interviews with Alan Alda, Joan Arline, Beverly Arlynne, and others.