Alice Butaud

Dans Paris, directed by acclaimed French filmmaker Christopher Honoré, which focused on two brothers in the French capital -- one depressed by the end of a relationship, the other seemingly unable to settle down. Butaud was reunited with Honoré in 2007 on his lively contemporary musical Love Songs, which told in song the story of three lovers living in Paris, and gave Butaud the chance to show off her vocal skills. The movie, which featured a soundtrack by French musician Alex Beaupain, screened in competition at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. And Butaud hasn't done too badly for herself since, going on to appear in several more movies including 2008's La Belle Personne -- again directed by Honoré -- and yet another film by the director, 2009's Making Plans For Lena, alongside high-profile stars Chiara Mastroianni and Jean-Marc Barr. The latter, about a single mother coping with whatever life happens to throw at her, also gave the actress the chance to work with her mother, who co-wrote the screenplay with Honoré .