Armelia McQueen

Armelia McQueen

Throughout her entertainment career as an accomplished actress, Armelia McQueen graced the silver screen many times. McQueen began her acting career appearing mainly in films, such as the Philip Michael Thomas drama "Sparkle" (1976), the Isabelle Adjani drama "Quartet" (1981) and the Carl Weathers action movie "Action Jackson" (1988). She also appeared in "No Holds Barred" (1989) with Hulk Hogan and the Patrick Swayze box office smash comedic fantasy "Ghost" (1990). She had a part on the television special "Ain't Misbehavin'" (NBC, 1981-82). Her work around this time also included a part on the TV movie "Face of a Stranger" (CBS, 1991-92). McQueen focused on television in more recent years, appearing on "Adventures in Wonderland" (Disney, 1991-95) and "The Sinbad Show" (Fox, 1993-94). As her entertainment career progressed, she appeared in the dramatic comedy "Bulworth" (1998) with Warren Beatty. Recently, she tackled roles on "L.A. Doctors" (CBS, 1998-99) and "All About the Andersons" (WB, 2003-04). She also appeared in "Life" (1999). Additionally, she appeared on the television special "The Blessing Way" (Showtime, 2000-01). McQueen most recently acted on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" (Fox, 2013-). Armelia McQueen died on October 3, 2020 at the age of 74.


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