Dan Bădărău

A native of Romania, Dan Badarau began his acting career by appearing in productions in his homeland during the late 1980s. Following a supporting role in the expansive Romanian drama "The Moromete Family," starring veteran actor Victor Rebengiuc, Badarau went on to a featured part in the 1994 American TV movie "Nobody's Children," an adoption drama set in Bucharest and starring Ann-Margret and Dominique Sanda. With more productions coming to Romania to shoot films, Badarau found work on additional English-language projects, including the low-budget sci-fi movie "Teenage Space Vampires" and the action film "Diplomatic Siege," starring Peter Weller and Daryl Hannah. In 2000, the actor portrayed the father of Vlad Dracula, played by Rudolf Martin, in the period horror movie "Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula," and he later had a small part in the 2005 Wesley Snipes crime thriller "7 Seconds." While largely sticking to productions filmed in English, Badarau was also featured in "A Cursed Monarchy," an elaborate French/Italian miniseries starring Jeanne Moreau, and portrayed Renaissance man Michelangelo in the German documentary "Michelangelo Superstar." Continuing to work in a historical vein, Badarau appeared as Grigory Potemkin in the British television movie "Catherine the Great," starring Emily Bruni as the title character, and later returned to genre fare with featured roles in the horror film "Ghouls" and the Steven Seagal action thriller "Born to Raise Hell."