Michael Aitkens

Michael Aitkens was an actor who graced the silver screen many times throughout his Hollywood career. Aitkens started off his career in film with roles in the Joe James drama "Demonstrator" (1971), "Deathcheaters" (1976) and the Dennis Grosvenor action flick "Harvest of Hate" (1977). Later, he acted in the drama "Long Weekend" (1979) with John Hargreaves, "Relatives" (1984) with Bill Kerr and "Reunion" (1984). He also appeared in "The Highest Honor - A True Story" (1984), "Run, Chrissie, Run" (1985) and "Backstage" (1988). More recently, Aitkens wrote "Murder in Suburbia" (ITV 1, 2003-05).