Steve Sandor

Steve Sandor must have been created to play bad guys in TV and movies. Hailing from blue-collar Pittsburgh, the brawny, imposing actor served in the Air Force before deciding to pursue a career in entertainment. Sandor carved out a niche as a dependable villain, starting with small roles in the 1967 Western movie "Rough Night in Jericho" and the original "Star Trek" (1968) series. Quite the presence onscreen, Sandor was noticed by Hollywood, and his roles quickly got bigger. He played a bear of a biker in the B movie "Hell's Angels '69" (1969), for example -- the sort of part he would typically be cast in. Not content with being only a scary face, the actor took the occasional good guy turn or appeared in lighter material. He played Private Slavek, an army grunt fighting to beat back the Nazis, in 1969's "The Bridge at Remagen," and made a guest appearance on the goofy sex-themed sitcom "Three's Company" (1980). But because of his looks, the roles Sandor was picked for generally tended to be bad eggs. Perhaps the most memorable of these was another biker, Stanley, a brutal lout who torments the lead character played by Stacy Keach in the spooky psychological thriller "The Ninth Configuration" (1980).