Dinner, I Hardly Knew Her

S3, E3: Dinner, I Hardly Knew Her

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S3 E3: Andy embarks on a drug and booze fuelled whirlwind romance with Jasmine, a woman he's producing a track for, and ends up suddenly engaged against his will while under the influence. The problem is that Jasmine is the female version of Andy - a one-woman car crash. Errol visits the new school he's going to be attending and lets a girl think he's a druggie burn-out in an attempt to look cool. Fresh from a bad scan, Sam has to find a 'good' way of telling the family she probably has breast cancer. Unfortunately Bruce's overbearing mother and moody art-college brother are coming to visit. It isn't long before the lies spin out of control and everyone is chasing their tails. How long is it before the truth catches up with everyone?