Episode 8

S7, E8: Episode 8

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Danny and Ed are anxiously preparing for a review with JLW, the pharmaceutical company which funds their Endangered Species Project. While they are carrying out final checks on the animals, Ed and Rosie discover two dead wildebeest calves, and Ed asks Rosie to do a post-mortem. The review goes well but, afterwards, Ed is angry when he spots that she has made a big mistake on the procedure. Rosie confesses that she failed her pathology exam, and is worried she will not qualify. Ed offers to tutor her and suggests they keep it a secret from Danny. Du Plessis comes to tell them that Ed's ex-wife Fiona has arrived on the scene, seeking a reconciliation. Fiona walks in on Ed comforting Rosie and misconstrues the situation. She confides in a disbelieving Caroline that she thinks Ed and Rosie are together. Caroline and Du Plessis confront Rosie about her secret, but Rosie assumes they are talking about Ed tutoring her, and furthers the misunderstanding by asking them not to tell Danny.