First First Days

S5, E2: First First Days

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Claire arrives for her first day of work at Jays’ company and is worried that Jay doesn't have a real job for her. Cam, having lost his music teacher job due to budget cuts, is now substitute teaching at the high school. With the opportunity to become a full-time history teacher, Cam throws himself into the teaching with less-than-stellar results. But, Cam can coach football, so he’s hired. Mitch has to bring Lily to work with him after she injures herself. He calls on Haley to come to the office to help watch her, but Haley spends her day with Charlie, Mitchell’s boss. Luke and Manny have their first day of high school. They each brush off Phil and Gloria, respectively during their drop-off.
Starring Justin Kirk, J.P. Manoux, Andrew Daly