Part Three: Destiny

S1, E3: Part Three: Destiny

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Tutankhamun invites Tustratta to the palace for a peace offering, but after the Mitanni King declines it, Tut leads his plague-weakened army in a sneak attack through a secret entrance to the enemy's capitol. Meanwhile, as the young Pharaoh is away, Amun leads a revolt against him and orders his priests to kill the king so he can save Egypt from the worship of Aten. After knowing about the assassination Suhad is put in danger and Ankhesenamun kills her. During the attack, a dying Tustratta breaks Tut's leg and instead of tending to his injury, Tut returns to Thebes to destroy the last of his enemies. He conspires with General Horemheb, Ay and Nakht to kill Amun during the festival of Ra at the temple. With the love of his life dead by his own sister and infection setting in, Tut's homecoming is filled with sadness. On his deathbed, Tut makes amends with Ay and Ankhesenamun, who both reassure him he will be remembered for all eternity as a powerful ruler. However, Ay sees that Tut is buried in a lesser tomb meant for one who will never be known, thus remaining undiscovered for over 3,000 years.
Starring Alistair Toovey, Steve Toussaint, Kaizer Akhtar