Part Two: Betrayal

S1, E2: Part Two: Betrayal

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After being Tutankhamun wounded on the battlefield, a beautiful half Mitanni half Egyptian girl, Suhad rescues him from his own people and nurses him back to health. Betrayed by his inner circle, Tut along with the loyal Lagos and Suhad return to Thebes at the moment Ankhesenamun tries to marry the traitorous Ka, but Tut stabs and kills his former friend just as he's about to be crowned the new Pharaoh. It is announced by high priest Amun he has "risen from the dead", turning the boy-king into a powerful Pharaoh. Tutankhamun must use his new power to deal with a deadly plague spreading through his kingdom all while his enemies continue their plot to conquer Egypt. Also, Tut's friendship with Suhad blossoms into an intimate relationship, which makes Ankhesenamun jealous, especially after both women wind up pregnant.
Starring Alistair Toovey, Steve Toussaint, Kaizer Akhtar