The Daltons' Treasure

S1, E3: The Daltons' Treasure

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The Daltons have just escaped from the federal penitentiary along with A.B. Faria, an old, wheel-chair bound prisoner who claims he knows where the legendary treasure of Cibola is hidden. The fugitives are so discreet that pretty soon everyone west of the Mississippi knows about the treasure, including the Federal government who hires Lucky Luke to chase down the convicts... and find the treasure. Lucky Luke spies on our favorite friends from a distance as they’re dragged from one end of Arizona to the other by an old man with a memory shot full of holes. And to cap it off, the Daltons have to protect old pops from all of the crooks who are drawn to the treasure like flies to manure!! The mythical city of Cibola is finally uncovered… but once they see it, nobody is going to fight over the famed treasure!