The Grizzly Bear Hunt

S4, E12: The Grizzly Bear Hunt

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Buffalo-Seed and Wild-Wind, a young papoose, are having an archery contest to see who’s the best shot, but it’s a tie. They decide to choose a winner by heading off on a grizzly bear hunt. Yakari, Little-Thunder, and Rainbow come up with a little trick to put them off: they make false grizzly bear tracks. But instead of getting scared, the two papooses – who are obsessed by their silly contest – follow the tracks without realizing that they are going around in circles and bothering a real grizzly bear that is fishing right by them. The papooses have to run from the angry bear, and Yakari, Little-Thunder, and Rainbow only manage to save them at the last minute. But once they get back to camp... Buffalo-Seed and Wild-Wind still don’t know who the winner is!