The Spirits' Clearing

S4, E13: The Spirits' Clearing

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A mischievous little animal with a long tail, the ring-tailed cat, has come to disturb the serenity of the Sioux camp and has the firm intention of staying. In the wild animal’s own interests, Yakari and Little-Thunder decide to take him back to the forest. But it’s impossible to find a new habitat for him, since the ring-tailed cat has upset all the other animals with his intrusive way of life. The only place they can find is a clearing where they hear creepy voices. It takes all of Yakari’s courage to prove that the clearing is not haunted by spirits. In fact, it’s the wind blowing between the rocks that makes the whistling sound. From now on, the ring-tailed cat has a place to call home, and things quieten down again in the forest and back at camp.