Till Death Do Us Part 1

S3, E12: Till Death Do Us Part 1

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Brenda is put on the witness stand by the prosecution in a murder case, since she is certain that the defendant, Jonathan Schafer (recurring guest star MICHAEL WISEMAN), is guilty. Flashbacks show how the LAPD's investigation unfolded. A wealthy divorce lawyer has been found drowned in his swimming pool, and the evidence points to Schafer, who was one of his clients. But because of exasperating missteps by a member of Brenda's team, some crucial evidence is disallowed by the judge, making it easy for the defense lawyer to claim the death was just the result of an accident, not murder. Meanwhile, as she tries to combine her insurance policy with Fritz's, Brenda learns a shocking fact from his past.
Starring James Patrick Stuart, Michael Wiseman, Sarah Brown