7 Days to Vegas
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'7 Days to Vegas' is an edgy comedy that is based on a true story of the rise and fall of one of Hollywood's biggest poker games. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. Out of desperation to feed his family, Duke Hamilton, a washed up Hollywood actor in the 90s, starts up a small poker game from his house in the lower-class part of the San Fernando Valley. With the help of his wife KC, the game grows to attract some of the biggest players in the Los Angeles area. These risk-taking guys, who will bet on anything, live life on the edge. It's not just Poker that these spoiled LA moguls bet on, they also bet on prop bets (large money wagered on ridiculous propositions that are a cross between a dare and a good laugh) like offering a guy $10,000 to dress like a woman for three months. Duke becomes the talk of the town as his poker game attracts movie stars and the Hollywood elite all begging to get in. But, things turn when one of Hollywood's biggest directors, Sebastian, becomes a regular in the game. Out of ego and jealousy he's determined to destroy Duke. Sebastian double crosses him and hijacks his game, leaving Duke broke yet again. With no options left, Duke and his brother Carl plan to get back at the notorious Sebastian with the ultimate prop bet...a Walk to Vegas. Duke has to walk to Vegas in seven days, for all the cash they can't afford. With Sebastian and the entire crew following closely behind in a giant RV, Duke attempts this futile effort and the Walk to Vegas becomes real, hysterical and legendary.
Starring Vince Van Patten, Ross McCall, Paul Walter Hauser
Director Eric Balfour