ABENTEUER - The greatest Adventures of the E.O.F.T.
This collection combines the seven best adventure documentaries from the last five years of the European Outdoor Film Tour (E.O.F.T). Showcasing all the extremes that the biggest film event for the European outdoor community has to offer. The most popular E.O.F.T. heroes fight icy cold temperatures and tropical heat; they have to live through moments of despair and relief. Again and again they demonstrate almost inhuman endurance and reveal their most unlikely and incredible skills of improvisation. THE ROAD FROM KARAKOL (USA 2013, 20 min) American alpinist Kyle Dempster sets out to conquer the last unclimbed peaks of Kyrgyzstan. From the city of Karakol, rundown soviet roads take him and his rusty old bike straight into the mountains - and that’s just the beginning of the adventure. – NORTH OF THE SUN - special EOFT edit (NOR 2013, 23 min) Searching for the perfect wave, Norwegian surfers Inge Wegge and Jørn Nyseth Ranum make a promising find in a hidden bay on Lofoten Islands. It’s cold up there, but they don’t care and decide to spend the winter in a self-built hut on the beach. – CAVE CONNECTION (GER 2014, 26 min) Kieran Mckay is looking for a connection between two gigantic cave systems beneath the Mount Arthur Range on the South Island of New Zealand. If Stormy Pot and Nettlebed were connected, he would have found the biggest cave system in the Southern hemisphere. – KADOMA (USA 2011, 23 min) The Lukuga River in the heart of the Congo, is one of the most dangerous rivers in the world. Hendri Coetzee, Chris Korbulic and Ben Stookesberry want to be the first ones to explore it by kayak. A dramatic decision. – 300 DAYS (CH 2010, 23 min) Xavier Rosset spends 300 days on a lonely island in the South Pacific. Cut off from the outside world he becomes a hunter-gatherer again; braving stormy weather and loneliness to get to know himself from a completely new side … – COLD (USA 2011, 18 min) Simone Moro, Denis Urubko and Cory Richards are the first people to climb the Gasherbrum II during winter. Dealing with extreme weather conditions, including minus 40 degree Celsius temperatures, is just the tip of the mountain! On their descent, the friends are faced with the forces of an avalanche. – BAFFIN BABES (S 2011, 22 min) 'The Baffin Babes' master 1.200 km in 80 days on skis through the arctic icy desert of Baffin Island and are living proof that women are hard to break.
Starring Kyle Dempster, Inge Wegge, Kieran Mckay
Director Inge Wegge, Ben Stookesberry