Akram Khan: Homeland—The Making of Desh
DESH, the stage show from celebrated British contemporary dancer and choreographer Akram Khan MBE, opened in Sadler's Wells, in September 2011, to rave reviews. Described by The Observer as "A masterpiece. Eye-wideningly beautiful. Magical". DESH, meaning Homeland in Bengali, is an exploration of Akram Khan's British/Bangladeshi heritage and is his most personal work to date. Akram Khan Homeland offers a rare glimpse into the working and personal life of Akram Khan as he orchestrates each stage of the creative process behind DESH. Beginning with a research trip to Bangladesh, the film follows Khan and his production team, including Oscar-winning visual artist Tim Yip (Production Designer for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), writer and poet Karthika Nair and Olivier award-winning composer Jocelyn Pook, as they develop the seeds of an idea into a sell out stage show. Having recently won The Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Dance Production, DESH has proved to be one of the most groundbreaking and important stage shows of recent years. Akram Khan Homeland is a must see for fans of contemporary dance and for anyone interested in seeing how all the ingredients of an award winning stage show are put together. Akram Khan is currently working with Danny Boyle on the opening night ceremony of the Olympics.
Starring Akram Khan, Tim Yip
Director Joanna Coates