Angel Vivi
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Wei Wei (Aviis Zhong) and her brother Dae Woo (Tang Zheng Gang) are very close, always relying on one another for favors. He is an aspiring pop star who is making a name for himself in the music world. But when she one day finds herself stranded and calls to ask him to pick her up, their lives are turned upside down. On his way to pick her up on his motorcycle, he has a life-changing traffic accident that renders him unable to walk unassisted, shattering his dreams of becoming a pop idol. Now, years later, Dae Woo has become bitter, resentful, and full of self-pity. Wei Wei, meanwhile has become a reluctant internet celebrity after penning a series of posts on a web-based fan group. But when she meets a doctor (Jay Shih) who sees her in a brand new light, she senses that an end to the gloom could be near. But the same is not true for Dae Woo, whose descent into madness is just beginning… “Angel Vivi” is a 2018 Taiwanese movie that was directed by Zero Chou.