Angels One Five
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In the summer of 1940, young volunteer reservist T.B. 'Septic' Baird (John Gregson - The Longest Day) is forced to crash his Hurricane on the RAF fighter station runway in order to avoid a collision with another plane. Injured in the accident, he incurs the wrath of Squadron leader 'Tiger' Small (Jack Hawkins - Zulu), who grounds Baird, transferring him to the operations centre until he recovers. Baird is desperate to get airborne, but 'Tiger' refuses his protests. However, when risk of a bombing attack threatens the airfield, Baird takes his chance to be reinstated and returns to the skies. Painstakingly restored to its former glory, Angels One Five is amongst the very best Battle of Britain war epics. Based on director George More O'Ferrall's own WWII experience at Fighter Command HQ, it offers a slice-of-life depiction of aerial combat.
Starring Jack Hawkins, Michael Denison, Dulcie Gray
Director George More O'Ferrall