Anita & Me
Based on Meera Syal’s best-selling novel and featuring an all-star cast, Anita & Me is a hilarious British comedy. It’s 1972 and 12-year-old Meena is poised on the brink of her teenage years. Torn between her family’s culture and the escape offered by the rock and roll era, her daily life is turned upside down by the arrival of the blonde, beautiful and outrageous Anita Rutter. Boasting a terrific ‘70s soundtrack, Anita & Me stars a host of British acting talent including Sanjeev Bhaskar (Goodness Gracious Me), Kathy Burke (Kevin & Perry Go Large), Mark Williams (The Fast Show) & Meera Syal (writer of Bhaji On The Beach and star of Goodness Gracious Me). Take a trip back in time to when flares, glam rock and Jackie magazine ruled!
Starring Anna Brewster, Kabir Bedi, Sanjeev Bhaskar
Director Metin Hüseyin