Antboy: Revenge of the Red Fury
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Antboy is more popular than ever. His nemesis, Albert Gæmmelkrå, aka The Flea, is defeated and now spends his days in a padded cell at the Dragsborg institute. Just turned 13, Pelle is enjoying life as a superhero. In an ideal world, Pelle's pal Ida would be his girlfriend. But the real world is complicated and now Pelle has an unexpected rival for Ida's affections: a new boy in school who, in his own way, is a more formidable foe than The Flea ever was, a smooth operator who is fully intent on luring Ida away from him. If this isn't trouble enough, Pelle also finds himself being haunted. Antboy and Wilhelm first think a poltergeist is on the loose, but they soon realise the true nature of what they are up against when a brand new super-villain announces her arrival.
Starring Oscar Dietz, Nicolas Bro, Samuel Ting Graf
Director Ask Hasselbalch