A young mother takes on tradition, her own family, and the Moroccan justice system, for the sake of her illegitimate child. In Morocco, as in all Muslim countries, sex outside marriage is illegal. Single mothers like Rabha El Haimer are despised. The first person to film in the Moroccan family courts, Deborah Perkin follows Rabha for eighteen months, as she struggles to protect her daughter from the burdens of prejudice and disadvantage. This gripping, poignant and humorous narrative is interwoven with smaller stories of the challenges for 'bastards' and their mothers in a Muslim society. "More tense, more gripping than many mainstream films" - Mark Kermode BBC Radio 5 Live "Stirring, emotive, rawly effective" - Mail on Sunday "Extraordinarily intimate and moving" - Independent "Gripping" - Guardian
Starring Rabha El Haimer, Aicha Chenna
Director Deborah Perkin