Battle of Ardennes: Hitler's Last Stand
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On Christmas Eve 1944, US Soldier John Myers and his platoon of men become trapped behind enemy lines during the Battle of the Bulge. A ferocious Nazi offensive, snow and shells rain down as The Allied troops seek refuge wherever they can, desperate to hold the front line. When Captain Myers stumbles into a cottage on the edge of the forest, he meets Alina, a young woman who offers him shelter from the raging battle. As morning arrives, a hush spreads through the trees as the German forces agree to a brief Christmas truce and the last guns fall silent. Soon enough, Myers and Alina find themselves in love, but World War II is far from over. As each side re-engages in battle, Myers and Alina make a pact to meet on the next Christmas Eve, little do they realise the tragedy that lies ahead.
Starring Craig Olejnik, Ali Liebert, Kate Vernon
Director Brian Skiba