Blood Orange
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In a stunning modern Spanish lives Bill an aging, half-blind rock star with his young, very beautiful and sexually promiscuous wife Isabelle. Into their paradise comes Lucas, an exlover looking for revenge. Lucas wants his inheritance back – he believes she stole it from him. Isabelle will give him nothing. Bill pretends to make peace, but really he has another agenda: Bill is dying - he relies on a concoction of medicines to keep him going and he plans to leave Isabelle financially secure and safe from Lucas’ threats. The next day Lucas plants a nasty seed: he convinces David, their pool boy, that Isabelle likes rough sex. From the way she has been teasing David, this seems to make sense. When he attacks her – her screams wake Bill... Bill shoots David. When Lucas tries to call the Police, Bill knocks him unconscious. Lucas wakes up to discover he is being blackmailed and framed for David’s murder… Unless he agrees to their terms. Bill offers Lucas a million euros in cash and a whole new identity if Lucas will kill him and leave Isabelle alone forever. Lucas agrees. And shoots Bill dead! But then Isabelle appears to change the rules of the game – why should she give him this new life? If she kills Lucas - she keeps everything… Or is she simply following Bill’s plan?
Starring Kacey Clarke, Ben Lamb, Antonio Magro
Director Toby Tobias