Boiling Point
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Dennis Hopper (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Blue Velvet [1986], Apocalypse Now) is Rudolph 'Red' Diamond, a convicted criminal, a scam artist who always has a trick up his sleeve, who is always looking for that one last, big job. Viggo Mortensen (The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, A History Of Violence, Carlito's Way) is Ronnie, his sidekick, a low down, psychotic hoodlum searching for an easy buck. Things are tough on the streets for Rudolph and Ronnie and these small time crooks are about to get into some big time trouble when a counterfeiting scam goes horribly wrong and thick, hot headed Ronnie ends up shooting and killing an undercover cop. Wesley Snipes (Blade Trilogy, Money Train, White Men Can't Jump) is Jimmy Mercer, a cop on the edge, a cop who has seven days before he’s transferred and seven days to wreak revenge on the scum that killed his partner. Things are heating up and they’re about to reach boiling point.
Starring Wesley Snipes, Dennis Hopper, Viggo Mortensen
Director James B. Harris