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Emilio Manrique (Alvaro Orlando) is a young boxer from the wrong side of the tracks with dreams of winning the Golden Gloves. An already difficult journey seems almost impossible when he’s diagnosed with bipolar disorder and feels his world closing in around him. Trying to overcome seemingly endless obstacles and make something of himself, Emilio can’t escape his alcoholic mother and her boyfriend (Steven Bauer), his degenerate friends or his powerful, debilitating affliction. Fortunately, Emilio has a support system in place including his crisis counsellor (Danny Trejo) and a surrogate father in the form of his Uncle Frank (Oscar Torre). Things seem to finally start to turn for him when he earns the confidence and love of a beautiful, young boxing promoter (Camila Banus) committed to getting Emilio his shot at the big time.
Starring Alvaro Orlando, Danny Trejo, Steven Bauer
Director Kenneth Castillo