Crystal Skulls
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It is 2020 and as a devastating black hole heads towards the sun, engulfing everything in its path, time for Earth is rapidly running out. With the planet falling into darkness, chaos ensues as tsunamis, earthquakes and tornados wreak havoc across the globe. Panic and terror mounts while Governments around the world race to build space craft for a lucky few to escape, leaving billions of people to perish in its wake. Meanwhile, a small group of outcast scientists gather around rumours of an ancient, forgotten legend. Embarking on a dangerous adventure to the ruins of a Mayan temple, they must reunite twelve crystal skulls to save Earth from eternal destruction. With the clock ticking until the black hole consumes the sun, the group set out, risking their lives unsure if they’ll ever make it back home…
Starring Richard Burgi, Wendy Glenn, David Rintoul
Director Todor Chapkanov