Decadent Evil
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After years of merciless attacks, Morella is close to becoming an invincible vampire; she only needs a few more kills. Her cronies Sugar and Spyce obey her every word almost. Against direct orders, Sugar falls in love with a human named Dex who is unaware of what she really is. That is until the world's toughest three foot tall vampire hunter finally tracks down the three vampires and proves to Dex that she does bare fangs! On the scene and ready for battle, Ivan will stop at nothing to put an end to Morella and her gang. However, the forbidden love between Dex and Sugar threatens to foil Ivan's plan. Only after Ivan teams up with his father Marvin, who Morella turned into a 12" tall homunculus, do they even have a prayer of conquering evil.
Starring Phil Fondacaro, Debra Mayer, Jill Michelle
Director Charles Band