Dude, Where’s My Dog?
A young tween named Ray is left at home to watch the family dog, Harry, to prove to his parents that he is not, as they say, "irresponsible". But, before he knows it, curious Harry runs out the front door and into the house of Krepner - Ray's kooky, suspicious neighbour. While in the house, he is accidentally doused with a stolen top-secret invisibility formula and then runs wild and unseen, throughout their small town, causing a ruckus. Krepner is ordered to catch Harry to retrieve what's left of the formula in his DNA. Ray and his friends must find the pooch not only before the villains, scientists and FBI Agents get to him first, but before Ray's parents get home!
Starring Kevin P. Farley, Trish Cook, Brandon Middleton
Director Stephen Langford