Eating Out: Drama Camp
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The return of Q. Allan Brocka to the Eating Out series as director brings his great sense of style and comic timing to this now legendary series. Add in what must have been testosterone injections that the producer administered daily to the cast and you've got one of the most entertaining gay films of the last few years. To refresh your memories, Zack (Chris Salvatore) and Casey (Daniel Skelton) ended the third film as a happy couple deeply in love. But now the boys' relationship is in a slump. We join them as they are shooting their video entry to a drama camp where everything will change - it's off to 'Dick Dickey’s Drama Camp'! The van arrives to pick up the boys in West Hollywood and Zack's eyes are glued to Benji's (Aaron Milo) remarkable physique and sweet face. But when Benji finds out that Zack is taken, he quickly pretends to be straight - hey, it's drama camp! At Dick Dickie's, the dick's have to stay inside the pants as sex is a no-no, and these boys get mighty horny as the summer progresses. For their play Benji and Zack get cast as lovers in an updated, nearly pornographic gay version of The Taming of the Shrew, and their self-restraint is certainly put to the test. And, when the sparks start to fly, Casey’s trusted friend Penny (Lilach Mendelovich) takes matters into her own hands by setting a poison oak trap for Benji - so that Casey can step in as Benji’s understudy. Meanwhile, Jason, the straight director who likes to film gay guys to impress the straight chicks, starts falling for Lilly (Harmony Santana), the trans girl. The on-stage finale brings the house down with a standing erection, oh sorry, I meant ovation.
Starring Chris Salvatore, Daniel Skelton, Harmony Santana
Director Q. Allan Brocka