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Matías and Jerónimo have known each other since childhood. During the summer before starting high school, their friendship transforms into something more when they both experience a sexual awakening. But Matías' father breaks up their relationship by taking a job in another town. His family's contempt for Jerónimo's homosexuality makes Matías deny his true feelings for his friend, and about himself. More than ten years later Matías returns to his old town and runs into Jerónimo. With their reunion he realises there is a way of living less conventional than his: while he graduated as a biologist and works in a big company in Brazil, Jerónimo followed his vocation, lives in the place he loves and naturally accepts his homosexuality. Seeing his friend again reawakens his pre-adolescent desire and gives Matías the chance to choose his real feelings over his family mandates. 'Esteros' tells, in parallel, these two moments of the love story between Matías and Jerónimo.
Starring Ignacio Rogers, Esteban Masturini, Joaquín Parada
Director Papu Curotto